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Thursday, March 30, 2017

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Effect of elements nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium on phenotype, photosynthesis and biomass accumulation in juvenile phase of Prunus armeniaca × Sibirica

Hua-Feng Yue, Ming Zhou, Xiao-Kui Hou, Xia Yang, Han Zhao, Meng-Sha Xu, Lin Wang, Hui-Min Liu, Ta-Na Wuyun, Gao-Pu Zhu and Fang-Dong Li


The goal of the study was to analyze the effects of three elements (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) on the growth and development of Prunus armeniaca × sibirica cv. Youyi. Hoagland medium was used for treatments with accurate control supply of these elements. The results showed that a lack of nitrogen was associated with changes in color and shape: the color of leaves was changed into yellow-green, veins transferred into white, and their shape was irregularly distorted. When the chlorophyll content in palisades was depleted, the sponge tissue became loose, and cell gaps were increased. The absence of phosphorus was associated with upward curling of leaves and the appearance of white spots on the edge which developed gradually into necrotic spots, while the center part remained dark green in color. Chlorophyll content remained high in the leaves. In the absence of potassium, new leaves were softer and yellower, and the upper part showed a significant distortion reaction. For most of the old leaves, there were focal necrotic spots on the leaf margins. When the supply of exogenous nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium was sufficient, the contents of total nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in the leaves were 18.81 - 32.13 mg·g-1, 8.92 - 9.64 mg·g-1 and 34.37 - 38.63 mg-1. While in insufficient scenario, the contents were 8.97 - 12.43 mg·g-1, 1.12 - 1.37 mg·g-1 and 5.18 - 7.38 mg·g-1, respectively. The supply of nitrogen had an effect on the development of the main root, phosphorus on the lateral root, and potassium for the number of fibrous roots. Especially when the elements of nitrogen and potassium were lacking at the same time, the root development was significantly hindered, and the biomass accumulation was significantly decreased. We thus suggest that the current practice of applying fertilization without phosphorus and potassium in early growth goes against scientific evidence

To Cite this article: Yue, H.F., M. Zhou, X.K. Hou, X. Yang, H. Zhao, M.S. Xu, L. Wang, H.M. Liu, T.N. Wuyun, G.P. Zhu and F.D. Li. 2022.  Effect of elements nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium on phenotype, photosynthesis and biomass accumulation in juvenile phase of Prunus armeniaca × Sibirica. Pak. J. Bot., 54(1): DOI:  

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