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Obituary Dr. Ihsan Ilahi
Farrukh Hussain
51(5): 1539-1539,2019 : Download
Effect of salicylic acid on the dry matter and nitrogen accumulation, partitioning and translocation in two contrasting rice genotypes under salt stress
Han-Jing Sha, Hua-Long Liu, Bo-Wen Hu, Jiao-Jiao Gu, Wen-Cheng Hu, Yan Jia, Xin-Peng Wang, Hui-Lin Chang and Hong-Wei Zhao
51(5): 1541-1550,2019 : Download
Salicylic acid alleviates salinity stress through the modulation of biochemical attributes and some key antioxidants in wheat seedlings
Abdulaziz Alsahli, Abdel-Kareem Mohamed, Ibrahaim Alaraidh, Abdulla Al-Ghamdi, Ahlam Al-Watban, Mohamed El-Zaidy and Saud M. Alzahrani
51(5): 1551-1559,2019 : Download
Influence of silicon sources and controlled release fertilizer on the growth of wheat cultivars of Balochistan under salt stress
Ayesha Mushtaq, Sabeena Rizwan, Nelofer Jamil, Tahira Ishtiaq, Shazia Irfan, Tariq Ismail, M. Najam Malghani and M. Naeem Shahwani
51(5): 1561-1567,2019 : Download
Evaluation of sodium alginate and calcium chloride on development of synthetic seeds
Muhammad Iqbal, Aamir Ali, Hamid Rashid, Naveed Iqbal Raja, Naima Huma Naveed, Zia-Ur-Rehman Mashwani, Mubashir Hussain, Muhammad Ejaz and Zubeda Chaudhry
51(5): 1569-1574,2019 : Download
Effects of drought and nitrogen addition on growth and leaf physiology of Pinus massoniana seedlings
Defu Wang, Guomin Huang, Honglang Duan, Xueming Lei, Wenfei Liu, Jianping Wu and Houbao Fan
51(5): 1575-1585,2019 : Download
Nutrient leaching of Chinese fir (Cunninghamia lanceolata) seedlings under simulated nitrogen deposition
Wenfei Liu, Yanyan Li, Guomin Huang, Jianping Wu, Honglang Duan, Yingchun Liao, Rongzhen Huang, Zhipeng Xu and Houbao Fan
51(5): 1587-1592,2019 : Download
Response of bread wheat genotypes to cell membrane injury, proline and canopy temperature
Munir Ahmad, Adeel Khan, Ghulam Shabbir, M. Kausar Nawaz Shah, Zahid Akram and M. Tanveer
51(5): 1593-1597,2019 : Download
Evaluation of potential of Epipremnum aureum Engl. in removing zinc (Zn) toxicity
Razi Abbas, Samina Mehnaz and Aisha Saleem Khan
51(5): 1599-1604,2019 : Download
Carbon storage and allocation pattern in plant biomass under drought stress and nitrogen supply in Eucalyptus camaldulensis and Populus deltoides
Saira Kanwal, Sofia Baig and Imran Hashmi
51(5): 1605-1614,2019 : Download
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