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Elucidating some physiological mechanisms of salt tolerance in Brassica napus L. seedlings induced by seed priming with plant growth regulators
Sadegh Shahrasbı, Hadı Pırasteh-Anosheh, Yahya Emam, Munır Ozturk and Volkan Altay
53(2): 367-377,2021 : Download
Assessment of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) genotypes for high temperature stress tolerance using physico-chemical analysis
Khalil Ahmed Laghari, Abdul Jabbar Pirzada, Mahboob Ali Sial Muhammad Athar Khan and Jamal Uddin Mangi
53(2): 379-385,2021 : Download
Mitigation effect of biochar on sorghum seedling growth under salinity stress
Muhi Eldeen Hussien Ibrahim, Adam Yousif Adam Ali, Aboagla Mohammed Ibrahim Elsiddig, Guisheng Zhou, Nimir Eltyb Ahmed Nimir, Gamareldawla H.D. Agbna and Guanglong Zhu
53(2): 387-392,2021 : Download
Screening of rice germplasm for drought stress tolerance using multivariate analysis
Mst Tanjina Shahanaj Turin, Md. Arifuzzaman and Mohammad Abul Kalam Azad
53(2): 393-400,2021 : Download
Ameliorative effects of exogenous ascorbic acid and potassium nitrate on antioxidant defence system and mineral nutrient uptake in tomatoes under salt stress
Mahmut Yildiztekin
53(2): 401-407,2021 : Download
Plant hydraulic conductivity determines photosynthesis in rice under PEG-induced drought stress
Guanglong Zhu, Lifeng Gu, Yu Shi, Huize Chen, Yuqian Liu, Faguang Lu, Zhen Ren, Yue Wang, Haitong Lu, Adnan Tabassum and Guisheng Zhou
53(2): 409-417,2021 : Download
Response of Amorpha fruticosa seedlings to drought and rewatering in arid and semi-arid environment
Shulin Feng, Ashim Sikdar, Jinxin Wang, Mehrunisa Memon, Boyuan Li, Huifang Ma and Guoli Lv
53(2): 419-424,2021 : Download
Distribution of soil seed reserve and its association with aboveground vegetation in salinized soils of arid regions in northwest China
Li Li Nan and Quan En Guo
53(2): 425-435,2021 : Download
Effect of ZnO, SiO2 and composite nanoparticles on Arabidopsis thaliana and involvement of ethylene and cytokinin signaling pathways
Beenish J. Azhar, Asma Noor, Alveena Zulfiqar, Asyia Zeenat, Shakeel Ahmad, Iqbal Chishti, Zehra Abbas and Samina N. Shakeel
53(2): 437-446,2021 : Download
Expression of antioxidant genes can increase cold resistance in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.)
Javaria Chand, Rafiq Ahmad, Muhammad Shahzad, Muhammad Sohail Khan, Noorullah Khan, Abid Ali Khan and Sabaz Ali Khan
53(2): 447-453,2021 : Download
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