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Thursday, March 30, 2017

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Rice adapts to alkali stress by microstructural changes  
Haixin Zhao, Xiaodong Du, Shuqiang Chen, Limin Yang, Feng Peng, Xiaoqun Huang, Wendong Ma, Haiyan Zheng, Yongsheng Cai and Guojun Pan
54(4): 1181-1190,2022 : Download
Assessing phytotoxic impact of Melilotus indicus L. on the germination and seedling emergence of Sorghum bicolor L. under various saline conditions
Hafiz Haider Ali, Muhammad Saqlain Zaheer, Muhammad Aasim, Muhammad Azhar Nadeem, Zubair Ismail, Ali Raza, Kamran Ikram, Muhammad Adnan, Muhammad Adnan Bodlah and Muhammad Zahid Mumtaz
54(4): 1191-1198,2022 : Download
24-epibrassinolide modulates biomass production, gas exchange characteristics and inorganic nutrients in canola (Brassica napus L.) under salt stress
Shahid Mehmood, Ejaz Hussain Siddiqi, Izah Nawaz and Noreen Nasir
54(4): 1199-1209,2022 : Download
Comparative phenotyping assessment of four different oil seed cultivars using stress-induced physiological traits in water deficit environment
Basit Ali and Zamin Shaheed Siddiqui
54(4): 1211-1219,2022 : Download
Ion homeostasis and osmoregulation in Tamarix dioica Roxb. ex Roth through modulation of structural and functional features
Zaher Uddin Babar, Iftikhar Ahmad, Mansoor Hameed and Muhammad Sajid Aqeel Ahmad
54(4): 1221-1230,2022 : Download
Phytoremediation capabilities and antioxidant enzymes’ activities of two halophytic shrubs Capparis decidua and Haloxylon salicornicum from Cholistan desert, Pakistan under salinity stress
Muhammad Rafay, Muhammad Madnee, Muhammad Irfan Ashraf, Muhammad Abid, Muhammad Usman Ghaffar, Zaffar Malik, Hamza Basit and Shahriyar Ul Hassan
54(4): 1231-1236,2022 : Download
Effects of hormones (IBA & IAA) on the propagation of Himalayan yew in Pakistan: a conservation approach
Javaid Iqbal, Bushra Khan, Sardar Khan, Nasreen Ghaffar, Ishaq Ahmad Mian, Iqbal Ahmed, Nowsher Yousaf, Aamir Iqbal, Iftikhar Ahmad and Sadaf Manzoor
54(4): 1237-1243,2022 : Download
Mutagenesis with EMS is an alternative to recombinant breeding for inducing allelic diversity in cotton
Saba Zafar, M Atif Iqbal, Ammad Abbas and Mehboob-Ur-Rahman
54(4): 1245-1253,2022 : Download
Evaluation of some physiological parameters in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
Murat Ardic
54(4): 1255-1264,2022 : Download
QTL mapping for grain appearance quality traits using doubled haploid population of rice under different environments
Fahad Ali, Wei Chen, Sajid Fiaz, Yakun Wang, Xiangjin Wei, Lihong Xie, Guiai Jiao, Gaoneng Shao, Shikai Hu, Shaoqing Tang, Zhonghua Sheng and Peisong Hu
54(4): 1265-1275,2022 : Download
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