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Thursday, March 30, 2017

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LncRNAs participate in salt tolerance related pathways by regulating target genes in wheat
Yan Yan, Xin Lin, Fan Wu, Shaoshuai Song, Yumei Zhang and Ping Mu
52(4): 1121-1129,2020 : Download
Morpho-biochemical response of Vigna radiata to salinity generated hydrogen peroxide stress
Jabeen Farheen and Simeen Mansoor
52(4): 1131-1135,2020 : Download
Effects of drought stress on growth, photosynthesis and alkaloid accumulation of Lycoris aurea
Juan Liang, Miaohua Quan, Chaowen She, Anna He, Xiaoliang Xiang and Feng Cao
52(4): 1137-1142,2020 : Download
Performance of mango scion cultivars under various levels of artificially induced salinity stress
Niaz Ahmed, Sara Khalid, Abdul Ghaffar Grewal, Muhammad Arif Ali, Muhammad Akbar Anjum, Ashfaq Ahmad Rahi and Subhan Danish
52(4): 1143-1158,2020 : Download
Amelioration potential of biochar for chromium stress in wheat
Roomina Mazhar, Noshin Ilyas, Muhammad Arshad and Azeem Khalid
52(4): 1159-1168,2020 : Download
The physiological responses of Nouelia insignis towards drought and low temperature
Zhining Xia and Yanling Zheng
52(4): 1169-1179,2020 : Download
Florescence assessment of sunflower genotypes against drought stress environment
Muhammad Umar and Zamin Shaheed Siddiqui
52(4): 1181-1188,2020 : Download
Phenology, growth and yield are strongly influenced by heat stress in late sown mustard (Brassica spp.) varieties
Md. Mahfuz Bazzaz, Akbar Hossain, Muhammad Farooq, Hesham Alharby, Atif Bamagoos, Md. Nuruzzaman, Mahbuba Khanum, Md. Monwar Hossain, Ferhat Kizilgeci, Ferhat Öztürk, Fatih Çi? and Ayman El Sabagh
52(4): 1189-1195,2020 : Download
The effect of low temperature on growth and development of Phalaenopsis
Yingjie Zhang, Jixia Sun, Xiangjun Pan, Wenjiao Guo, Jingwei Zhang, Nina Sun, Pengsong Ding, Cuiling Liu, Shuhe Liu, Xueqing Liu and Yingmin Lyu
52(4): 1197-1203,2020 : Download
Effects of environmental factors on species diversity among the plant communities in the Mount Lao nature reserve, Shandong province of China
Wei Li, Jinming Yang, Haifang Li and Cuiping Zhang
52(4): 1205-1213,2020 : Download
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