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Thursday, March 30, 2017

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The effects of phosphorus deficiency on the morphology and physiology of Linum usitatissimum L. and on the expression of LusWRKYs

Wengong Huang, Weidong Jiang, Yubo Yao, Xixia Song, Hongmei Yuan, Chuanying Ren, Liguo Zhang, Si Chen, Zhongyi Sun and Qinghua Kang


Phosphorus (P) is a necessary factor for plant growth and development. It is easy to be combined by organic matter and minerals, which limits the effective utilization of plants. Flax is an important industrial crop that is often negatively impacted by P deficiency. Flax was used to explore adaptability of flax to P deficiency and mechanism of gene expression regulation. Flax seedlings were deal with four levels of P (0mM, 0.5mM, 1mM, and 2mM KH2PO4) for 15 days. Under P deficiency (0mM), biomass and shoot dry weight of flax decreased significantly, 36.36% and 61.11% lower than that of 1mM. P deficiency inhibited growth and development of flax. Under P deficiency (0mM), dry weight of root, root/shoot ratio, lateral roots number, length and surface area of total root were significantly increased, which increased accordingly by 75.00%, 29.73%, 14.29%, 28.66% and 33.33% compared with 1mM of P. P deficiency could induce root growth of flax to promote absorption of P. Contents of auxin (IAA), brassinolide (BR), ethylene (ETH) and acid phosphatase (ACP) of lateral roots were increased under P deficiency (0mM), which was accordingly by 48.29%, 61.11%, 58.26% and 55.88% higher than that of 1mM. Contents of gibberellin 3 (GA3), cytokinin (CTK) and abscisic acid (ABA) in lateral roots were decreased accordingly by 93.92%, 38.89% and 42.51% compared with 1mM P. Growth of lateral roots may be stimulated by regulating contents of hormones and acid phosphatase. Expression of genes LusWRKY7, LusWRKY22, LusWRKY48 and LusWRKY71 in lateral roots of flax seedlings was significantly increased under P deficiency (0mM), which indicated that these genes were involved in the regulation of P deficiency stress. This study comprehensively explained dependence of flax on P with regard to phenotype, physiology and molecular mechanism also provided ideas for efficient cultivation of flax and genetic improvement of P related traits.

To Cite this article: Huang, W., W. Jiang, Y. Yao, X. Song, H. Yuan, C. Ren, L. Zhang, S. Chen, Z. Sun and Q. Kang. 2022. The effects of phosphorus deficiency on the morphology and physiology of Linum usitatissimum L. and on the expression of LusWRKYs. Pak. J. Bot., 54(1): DOI:

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