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Karyomorphology of genus  Pinanga (Arecaceae) in Java and Bali, Indonesia

Joko Ridho Witono, Izu Andry Fijridiyanto and Katsuhiko Kondo

The karyomorphology on palm (Arecaceae) was infrequently reported, including the genus Pinanga. Our research aimed to observe the karyomorphology of Pinanga in Java and Bali, i.e., Pinanga arinasae, P. javana, and P. coronata and their relationships with morphology and molecular characters. Somatic chromosome preparation and observation were carried out using the aceto-orcein squash method. The chromosome number of the three species was 2n=32, however, the following differences were found: (1) karyotype formula of P. arinasae and P. javana is 12m+4sm, whereas P. coronata is 14m + 1sm + 1st; (2) the chromosome length of P. arinasae, P. javana, and P. coronata was 1.39-3.89 µm, 1.36-4.02 µm, and 3.05-6.03 µm, respectively. Our karyomorphological approach showed that P. arinasae was more closely related to P. javana than P. coronata. This is supported by ITS sequence data and ISSR genetic markers. In this paper, the karyomorphology of Pinanga arinasae and P. javana is reported for the first time

To Cite this article: Witono, J.R., I.A. Fijridiyanto and K. Kondo. 2024. Karyomorphology of genus  Pinanga (Arecaceae) in Java and Bali, Indonesia. Pak. J. Bot., 56(1): DOI:  

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