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Thursday, March 30, 2017

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Obituary Prof. Dr. S.H. Iqbal
Firdaus-e-Bareen and Abdul Nasir Khalid
53(4): 1157-1157,2021 : Download
Influence of humates to mitigate NaCl-induced adverse effects on Ocimum basilicum L.: relative water content and photosynthetic pigments
Juan José Reyes-Pérez, Bernardo Murillo-Amador, Alejandra Nieto-Garibay, Luis G. Hernández-Montiel, Francisco H. Ruiz-Espinoza and Edgar O. Rueda-Puente
53(4): 1159-1165,2021 : Download
Nanosized titanium dioxide seed priming enhances salt tolerance of an ornamental and medicinal plant Paeonia suffruticosa
Li Liu, Yayue Cao, Qiaosheng Guo and Zaibiao Zhu
53(4): 1167-1175,2021 : Download
Screening of salt tolerant wheat varieties under salt stress in region Khuiratta, district Kotli (AJK) Pakistan
Qumqum Noshad, Nafeesa Zahid Malik, Musfirah Anjum, Sidra Arif, Sadia Jehangir and Zahid Malik
53(4): 1177-1182,2021 : Download
Comparative physiological assessment of some edible oil-seed crops under drought stress environment using fluorescence and IR imaging techniques
Fiza Ali, Muhammad Umar and Zamin Shaheed Siddiqui
53(4): 1183-1192,2021 : Download
Comparative effects of manganese and iron stress on seed germination and various growth parameters of Phaseolus lunatus L.
Sher Wali, Leena Syed, Fazli Rahim, Faheem Tariq and Khushnood Ur Rahman
53(4): 1193-1197,2021 : Download
Plasticity in structural and functional traits associated with photosynthesis in Fimbristylis complanata (Retz.) Link. under salt stress
Muhammad Kaleem and Mansoor Hameed
53(4): 1199-1208,2021 : Download
Response of wheat (Triticum aestivum L. var. Galaxy-2013) to pre-sowing seed treatment with thiourea under drought stress
Sonia Naz and Shagufta Perveen
53(4): 1209-1217,2021 : Download
Effects of 6-benzyladenine and kinetin on growth and secondary metabolites of Houttuynia cordata Thunb. (Saururaceae)
Wen-Xuan Quan, Xiao-Fang Wei, Zhan-Nan Yang Shi-Qiong Luo and Die Fu
53(4): 1219-1225,2021 : Download
Root growth and morphology of switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) and bush clover (Lespedeza davurica S.) in mixed plantation under varying soil water and phosphorus supply conditions
Shi-Qi Wang, Jin-Biao Liu, Ji-Yue Kang, Bing-Cheng Xu and Ying-Long Chen
53(4): 1227-1237,2021 : Download
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