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Ameliorating the quantitative traits in rice through physical mutagenesis

Talha Azhar, Iftikhar Ali Odhano and Hafeez Ur Rahman Bughio

The study was aimed at determining the genetic variability present in promising mutant rice lines at NIA and to investigate the relationship between yield and yield contributing traits through correlation and path analysis. Experiment was conducted in randomized complete block design. Analysis of variance showed significant (p<0.05) variation among genotypes. Seven mutant lines along with IR6 parent and two check varieties Shandar and NIA Mehran were evaluated for yield and yield attributing traits. The genotype OD-16B/2 was found to be the highest yielding mutant line. Correlation and path analysis revealed that yield contributing traits viz number of tillers per plant, thousand grain weight and fertile grains had positive direct effect on yield. Therefore selection for these traits could bring improvement in final grain yield

To Cite this article: Azhar, T., I.A. Odhano and H.U.R. Bughio. 2024. Ameliorating the quantitative traits in rice through physical mutagenesis. Pak. J. Bot., 56(1): DOI:  

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