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Influence of seed priming and nitrogen application on the growth and development of maize seedlings in saline conditions

Di Cao, Yi Zhang, Yutao Zhang, Moujian Guo and Bo Guan

Seed priming and nitrogen application can promote plant tolerance and resistance to salt stress. To explore the combined effects of these two factors on the growth of salt-stressed seedlings, four treatments (priming + nitrogen application, PN; priming + no nitrogen application, P; unprimed + nitrogen application, UPN; and control treatment unprimed + no nitrogen application, UP) were applied to evaluate the responses of plant morphology, antioxidase systems, physiological and biochemical parameters of the maize seedlings under different concentrations of salt stress (0, 100, 200, and 300 mM). The results indicated that under salt stress, the priming treatment facilitated the growth of seedlings of root and stems, increased the amount of osmoregulatory substances, and enhanced the antioxidase activity and resistance of the maize seedlings. After nitrogen application during the maize growth stage, the growth of young leaves was greatly promoted along with an increase in the soluble protein and chlorophyll content. The combination of seed priming and nitrogen application significantly improved the plant growth, antioxidase activities and physiological and biochemical parameters

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