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Cloning and functional analysis of low nitrogen tolerance related gene CsMYB21 in cucumber

Chao Wang, Jiewei Wang, Chunyu Tian, Lianxue Fan and Tao Wu

To investigate the molecular mechanism of low nitrogen (N) tolerance in cucumber, a low N tolerance related gene, named CsMYB21 was cloned in the present study. qRT-PCR showed that CsMYB21 expression was significantly induced under low N condition. Phylogenetic analysis showed that the homology of the gene with the melon was the highest. Functional analysis results showed that root lengths and fresh weights of Col-0 plants were significantly reduced under low N condition, while reduction ratio of root lengths and fresh weights in transgenic line harboring 35S::CsMYB21 was less than Col-0, which revealed that transgenic Arabidopsis plants showed higher capacity for low N tolerance than Col-0. These results revealed that the cucumber CsMYB21 could improve low N tolerance in transgenic Arabidopsis plants

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