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Rapid and efficient quality control of Radix method of 1h NMR and PCA

Zhixia Du, Caimei Gu, Weiguang Ren, Bashir Ahmad and Linfang Huang

Radix Rheum is one of the most important herbal; and a serious problem of the adulteration or falsification has been discovered in the commercial market. In this study, 42 batches samples collected from different places were analyzed by 1H NMR metabolite profiles together with principal component analysis (PCA). Results showed that the method could distinguish Radix Rheum samples from adulterants, as well as the different species identification. 1H NMR-PCA was used in identification of Radix Rheum and its adulterants for the first time. The developed rapid and efficient method in this study can be used in quality control of Radix Rheum, and as a standard protocol for identification

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