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 Depicting the role of organic amendments for bio available phosphorus release from different sources of rock phosphate and uptake by maize crop

Noor-Us-Sabah, Ghulam Sarwar, Mukkram Ali Tahir and Sher Muhammad

A pot study was conducted in the laboratory to evaluate the effect of organic amendments on phosphorus release from imported and indigenous sources of rock phosphate and its impact on growth of maize. Seeds were sown in sand and soil (pHs pre study = 8.15, pHs post study = 8.02, ECe = 1.28 dSm-1, SAR = 4.77 (mmol L-1)1/2, saturation percentage = 29%, Available P = 7.1 mg kg-1, sandy clay loam texture) culture of 1:1 ratio. In this controlled conditions laboratory experiment, two sources of RP; A;. Alwaha rock phosphate (RPB-rock phosphate brown) and B- Hazara rock phosphate (RPB-rock phosphate brown) with 9 different combinations of organic amendments in a ratio of 1:2 were tested. The experiment comprised of 19 treatment replicated thrice using CRD design: T1: control(check P), T2:RPB, T3: RPB+CM, T4: RPB+FCP, T5: RPB+ WS, T6: RPB+FYM, T7: RPB+PM, T8: RPB+PSM, T9: RPB+CP+PGPR, T10: RPB+ ½ PM+ ½ FCP, T11: RPR, T12: RPR+CM, T13: RPR+FCP, T14: RPR+WS, T15: RPR+FYM, T16: RPR+ PM, T17: RPR+PSM, T18: RPR+CP+PGPR, and T19: RPB+ ½ PM+ ½ FCP. The collected data was subjected to statistical analysis using R-software for windows and least significant difference among the treatments means. Results suggested that use of filter cake press mud (FCP) proved superior in terms of enhancing P release from RP and subsequent uptake by maize crop.

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