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Genotypic comparison of determinate and indeterminate soybean lines for yield and yield components

Ammar Khan, Farhatullah, Sania Begum and Naveedullah

This research was conducted to study the effect of growth habit on yield and yield components of indigenous soybean lines collected from Kurram Agency of Pakistan. Fifteen determinate lines and 15 indeterminate lines were selected and sown in Randomized Complete Block design with three replications for two years (2015-16). Data were recorded on various yield components. Analysis of variance showed highly significant differences among lines, determinate lines, indeterminate lines and determinate vs. indeterminate interactions for all the traits except seeds pod-1. The overall effect of years was non-significant. Lines × year interactions were highly significant. Only indeterminate soybean had significant interactions with years for plant height, yield plant-1, leaf area seed size and 100-seed weight. However, the average performance of indeterminate lines was better than determinate ones for pods plant-1, yield plant-1, plant height, yield plant-1 and seeds plant-1. Determinate lines had significant correlations of plant height with yield plant-1 (0.25), seeds plant-1 with seeds pod-1 (0.55) and 100-seed weight (0.46), pods plant-1 with seeds plant-1 (0.75) and 100-seed weight (0.46). Similarly significant correlations were observed for seeds plant-1 with seeds pod-1 (0.71) and pods plant-1 (0.70). Significant but negative correlations of pod length (-0.21), pods plant-1 (-0.22), days to maturity (-0.21) were observed with yield plant-1 and positive significant correlation with hundred seed weight (0.27) of indeterminate soybean lines. Similarly significant correlations were observed between days to maturity with seeds plant-1 (0.20), pods plant-1 (0.38), seed size (0.28) and had significant but negative correlations with yield plant-1 (-0.21). These results suggested that indeterminate lines had better performance for plant height, pods plant-1, seeds plant-1 and yield plant-1 as compared to determinate lines and can be used in breeding high yielding soybean varieties.

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