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Significance of seed micromorphological characters and seed coat elements for the taxonomic delimitation of the genus Cleome L. (Cleomaceae) from Pakistan

Sana Riaz and Rubina Abid

Seed micromorphology and seed coat elements were studied in 10 species of the genus Cleome L. from Pakistan. Seed micromorphological characters such as shapes, colours, surfaces and seed coat elements were found to be significant to provide the strength to the taxonomic delimitation of the genus Cleome. The genus is characterized by the presence of cleft on the seeds and presence of carbon and oxygen in seed coats. Regarding to the seed shapes and surfaces a variety was observed but reniform and pyriform shapes and reticulate surface pattern were most frequent within the genus. While, on the other hand, seed micromorphological data could also be well correlated with qualitative and quantitative values of seed coat elements to strengthen the taxonomic decisions for the genus Cleome

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