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Phytochemical and antioxidant potential of crude methanolic extract and fractions of Celtis eriocarpa Decne. leaves from lesser Himalaya Region of Pakistan

Ejaz Ahmed, Muhammad Arshad, Yamin Bibi and Muhammad Sheeraz Ahmed

Celtis eriocarpa Decne. belongs to family cannabaceae. It is commonly found in Indo-Pak subcontinent and is used in healthcare practices. Decoction of leaves is used against amenorrhoea, fruits are used against colic. Powdered bark is used to treat pimples, sprain, contusions and joint pain. Leaves of Celtis eriocarpa were collected from lesser Himalayan region of Pakistan (Murree and Galliyat) in April 2014, and subjected to proximate analysis, qualitative and quantitative phytochemicals and DPPH antioxidant determination after fractionation. Quantitative determination of total phenolic (TPC), total flavonoid (TFC) and DPPH antioxidant activity was carried out through spectrophotometric methods. Proximate analysis revealed low moisture content, higher protein, carbohydrate and nutritive values. Qualitative phytochemical analysis revealed presence of phenolics, tannins, flavonoids, terpenoids and saponins while absence of alkaloids. Higher TPC was found in Crude methanolic extract (79.96±0.32 mg GAE /g) followed by ethyl acetate fraction (59.62±1.00 mg GAE /g) and lowest TPC was found in n-Hexane fraction (24.97±0.67 mg GAE/g) at p<0.05. Higher TFC was found in Crude methanolic extract (63.88±0.40 mg QE/g) followed by ethyl acetate fraction (55.49±1.22 mg QE /g) and lowest TFC was found in n-Hexane fraction (6.01±0.66mg QE /g) at p<0.05. Ethyl acetate fraction showed higher DPPH EC50 value (324.81µg/ml) while n-hexane fraction showed lowest EC50 value (2981µg/ml) at p<0.05. The mean EC50 value of ascorbic acid at p<0.05 was 10.86µg/ml. As DPPH EC50 value, total phenolic content and total flavonoid content in the leaves of C. eriocarpa is considerably high therefore this plant could be a source of bioactive compounds. This study will be a benchmark for detailed evaluation of therapeutic potential of Celtis eriocarpa

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