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 Dendrochronological potential of Abies pindrow Royle from Indus Kohistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) Pakistan

Adam Khan, Moinuddin Ahmed, Muhammad Faheem Siddiqui, Javed Iqbal and Narayan Prasad Gaire

The study was conducted to evaluate the dendrochronological potential of Abies pindrow Royle from Indus Kohistan, KPK, Pakistan. Forty wood samples in the form of cores were obtained from twenty healthy trees. The results of quality control programs COFECHA showed that the all cores exhibited high correlation with master chronology i.e.0.411 to 0.763, high mean sensitivity 0.186 and mean ring width 1.42 mm. The present study explored the first dated 394 years (1620-2014AD) chronology from Indus Kohistan. On the basis of this investigation, it is suggested that this species show high dendrochronological potential and can be used for the determination of past climatic fluctuations. However, for better results the sample size should be increased, since from year 1620 to year 1700 sample size was small

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