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Metal accumulation behavior of the weed species growing under soil cadmium stress

Md. Dulal Sarkar, Md. Jahedur Rahman, Jasim Uddain, Md. Quamruzzaman, Rojobi Nahar Rojoni and Sreeramanan Subramaniam

Three weeds, Enhydra flactuans, Amaranthus viridis and Chenopodium album were considered as Cd accumulating plants. Accumulated Cd in C. album reached to 0.32 mg for each plant under soil Cd stress of 15 mg. Thus, Cd accumulation capability of weeds was decreased with the increased using rate of Cd and it was between 1.64% and 4.96%. After 45 days? of Cd stress, the redistribution of Cd content in the root and shoot was studied from underground parts to above ground parts. The outcome confirmed that weed species had sophisticated acceptance to Cd and could accumulate affectively. They did not show any abnormal growth appearance even in soils having 15 mg kg−1 Cd, and for C. album, the Cd content in the roots was up to 264.32 mg kg−1 dry biomass while in the shoots it was about 126.55 mg kg−1. This signified that three weeds behaved as decent accumulating plant although they showed infirm ability in transporting Cd from below ground biomass to above ground biomass. Afterwards, shoot:soil and root:soil further proved that, studied weed species were likely to uptake more Cd as a way of diminution of the mobility of Cd. So, this research predicts that using green technology as a process of phyto-mitigation of trace elements from the defiled soils would be a good choice.  

To Cite this article: Sarkar, M.D., M.J. Rahman, J. Uddain, M. Quamruzzaman, R.N. Rojoni and S. Subramaniam. 2019. Metal accumulation behavior of the weed species growing under soil cadmium stress. Pak. J. Bot., 51(4): DOI:

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