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Mapping of plant science research productivity in Pakistan

Saima Nasir, Jamila Ahmed, Javeria Qadir and Anwarul-Hassan Gilani

The purpose of this study was to carry out a bibliometric analysis of the articles published from Pakistan during 1975-2017 that were categorized into the Plant Science discipline by ISI. The data were extracted from the Science Citation Index online database of the Web of Science, obtaining a total of 14,504 articles for analysis. The 10 most-cited articles and 10 most frequently used journals were identified. The analysis showed a rising trend in research output within the discipline of plant sciences and the number increased from just 16 publications in 1975 to 1276 in 2017.When compared with other categories of subjects, the plant scientists are the 6thmost active researchers in Pakistan, chemists being on top, but being an agricultural country, more research is needed to be carried out in this field and scientists should be encouraged to publish their research in peer-reviewed and indexed journals to make it available to the scientific community

To Cite this article: Nasir, S., J. Ahmed, J. Qadir and A.H. Gilani. 2019. Mapping of plant science research productivity in Pakistan. Pak. J. Bot., 51(4): DOI:

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