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Physiological and biochemical responses of Rhus tripartita (Ucria) grande under water stress

Refka Zouaoui, Youssef Ammari, Mejda Abassi, Hela Ben Ahmed, Ameni Smaoui and Khouloud Hilali

The present study belongs to the program of biodiversity conservation inside BouHedma national Park. Among the plant species in this park, Rhus tripartita (Ucria) Grande, Anacardiaceae, has several interests. Drought tolerance of R. tripartita seedlings subject to different levels of water stress: T (100% FC; 50% FC (S1); 25% FC (S2) and severe (S3) (No watering) based on photosynthetic gas exchange, chlorophyll content and biochemical analysis (soluble sugars and proline) was examined. A highly significant decrease was recorded in photosynthetic gas exchanges, in particular the stomatal conductance which has been diminished to zero with the intensity of water stress (S3). Similarly, leaf transpiration and photosynthetic assimilation are highly affected. These changes were accompanied by a reduction in chlorophyll pigment content (Cha and total chlorophyll content) and stabilization of Chb content. In contrary to that, the water stress induced an accumulation of organic solutes (soluble sugars and proline) in leaves and roots of young plants.

To Cite this article: Zouaoui, R., Y. Ammari, M. Abassi, H.B. Ahmed, A. Smaoui and K. Hilali. 2019. Physiological and biochemical responses of Rhus tripartita (Ucria) grande under water stress. Pak. J. Bot., 51(4): DOI:

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