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Physico-mechanical impact on yield of pectin extracted from relatively three new sources

Nausheen Hameed Siddiqui, Iqbal Azhar, Muhammad Shaiq Ali and Zafar Alam Mahmood

In the present study the influence of various physic-mechanical factors was taken into consideration to achieve the maximum yield from three new sources of pectin. Three different fruit peels obtained from sapodilla, banana, and muskmelon were included in the study. Among the three fruits investigated in the study, banana recorded highest (10.5%), while sapodilla (4.7%) and muskmelon (4.4%), subsequently. The detailed extraction study with major influencing factors on pectin yield provided comprehensive data for the three new sources, which could become an effective raw material for low-cost pectin manufacturing. The variation in yield occurred due to the different physic-mechanical procedures used to extract pectin from these fruits. The study elaborates the effect of major influencing factors and their collaborative effect on yield of pectin from three new sources while confirming the effects through already two known sources (Apple and orange). The study was evaluated through statistical method to fully comprehend the commutative and individual effects of variables. The results indicated that different variables (Mechanical procedures (MP), pH level, and boiling method (BM)) have significant impacts on the yield of all five fruits. Hence it was concluded from the study that pectin can be extracted from these new sources effectively by applying desired variables of extraction procedure

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